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Newland Media is a gospel resource for sermons, training videos, and live service broadcasts. It is a ministry of The Newland Christian Trust.

Recent sermons

9 May 2021Morning service1 Peter 1:13-16-
2 May 2021Suffering and Glory1 Peter 1:10-12A Overvoorde
2 May 2021What's your salvation worth?1 Peter 1:3-9L Hayward
25 April 2021Invincible Saints1 Peter 1:3-9P Birnie
25 April 2021I'm an alien1 Peter 1:1-2S McKay
18 April 2021Identity matters1 Peter 1:1-2P Birnie
18 April 2021Rejects made RoyaltyMatthew 5:1-3S McKay
18 April 2021The tender strength of God - Part 2Isaiah 40:12-31M Tinker
11 April 2021The tender strength of God - Part 1Isaiah 40:1-11M Tinker
11 April 2021A local church where the future shape...1 Timothy 6:11-21P Birnie