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Newland Media is a gospel resource for sermons, training videos, and live service broadcasts. It is a ministry of The Newland Christian Trust.

Recent sermons

11 April 2021The tender strength of GodIsaiah 40:1-11M Tinker
11 April 2021A local church where the future shape...1 Timothy 6:11-21P Birnie
4 April 2021Easter SundayRevelation 5P Birnie
28 March 2021A Saviour who suffersMatthew 27:27-61P Birnie
28 March 2021Effective EvangelismActs 17:1-15M Tinker
21 March 2021The Most High God Opens Doors And Ope...Acts 16:11-40S McKay
21 March 2021A local church content only with godl...1 Timothy 6:1-10A Overvoorde
21 March 2021A Saviour who sympathisesMatthew 26:36-46P Birnie
14 March 2021A Saviour who servesJohn 13:1-17P Birnie
14 March 2021A local church where elders are value...1 Timothy 5:17-25P Birnie