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Newland Media is a gospel resource for sermons, training videos, and live service broadcasts. It is a ministry of The Newland Christian Trust.

Recent sermons

25 October 2020Great viewsActs 3:1-26S McKay
25 October 2020Live trustinglyDaniel 2P Birnie
25 October 2020Stand out from the crowd!Luke 11:33-36R Tearle
18 October 2020Live purelyDaniel 1P Birnie
18 October 2020Mission controlActs 2:42-47S McKay
18 October 2020You know enough!Luke 11:29-32R Tearle
11 October 2020Joining the crewActs 2:37-41L Hayward
11 October 2020Power and promiseMark 16:1-8P Birnie
11 October 2020Run to the real spiritual power!Luke 11:14-28R Tearle
4 October 2020Flight planActs 2:14-36S McKay