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Newland Media is a gospel resource for sermons, training videos, and live service broadcasts. It is a ministry of The Newland Christian Trust.

Recent sermons

2 August 2020A great stormJonah 1:1-4S McKay
2 August 2020Confusion and stumblingMark 9:14-50P Birnie
26 July 2020The church Christ builds - The holy c...Matthew 16:13-20M Tinker
26 July 2020Which is the greatest commandment?Mark 12:28-34M Tinker
26 July 2020Death and gloryMark 8:29 - 9:13P Birnie
19 July 2020Is it lawful?Mark 10:1-12S McKay
19 July 2020Recognise JesusMark 7:31 - 8:30P Birnie
19 July 2020I believe in the Holy SpiritRomans 8:1-27R Hawes
12 July 2020How long shall I put up with you?Mark 9:14-29M Tinker
12 July 2020He will come again to judge the livin...Matthew 25:31-46S McKay