Fear and failure - Mark 14:27-72

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from 27th September 2020.

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Home Group Questions on Mark 14 v27-72

1. What different motivations do we have for keeping our failures quiet in life?

2. List the different ways Peter failed in this passage. Which would have been the most painful to look back on?

3. Are there failures in your life that are painful to recall? How does Jesus’ detailed knowledge of your sin and yet his devoted love for you deal with that pain?

4. List the different struggles and battles where Jesus won in this passage.
a. Why did our Salvation depend upon Jesus winning these battles?
b. How does Jesus’ victory in these battles give us hope and encouragement as we seek to live a life of obedience to God? 

5. How could we use this passage to explain to someone the difference between being a ‘good person’ or a ‘religious person’ and being a genuine Christian?

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