Power and promise - Mark 16:1-8

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from 11th October 2020.

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Mark 16 “Power and Promise” HANDOUT



A strange people with strange news about an empty tomb.



1 - The reality of the Resurrection should alarm (v1-5)


Jesus had an answer to:

  • Darkness and Suffering


  • Death


  • Sin and Judgement


  • Our desire to worship



Nobody expected Resurrection


Chronological snobbery



Alarm rather than apathy is a good response to an empty tomb.   


       2. The reality of the Resurrection should cause fear (v6-8)


“There you will see him, just as he told you.”


We must act upon Jesus’ words, including;

  • Mark 1v15
  • Mark 4 v 15&20
  • Mark 7 v 20&23
  • Mark 8 v 34
  • Mark 10 v 15
  • Mark 10 v 45
  • Mark 16 v 26&32


Jesus should be LISTENED TO.




A fitting ending:

Christians, fear for your loved ones and be stirred to action

Non-Christians fear judgement and come to the merciful King


King Jesus is a wonderful king to serve.



Mark 16 “Power and Promise” Home Group Questions


“You do not fit it, you cannot fit in, and you shouldn’t try to fit in with the world around.” 


1. Thinking about your character and personality, as well as the relationships that matter to you, how does this statement affect you personally?


2. What do your friends, acquaintances and loved ones think about your belief in the resurrection of Jesus? (Do they all know you believe this to be true?)


(Is your conscience already pricking you following questions 1 and 2? What is a genuinely Christian response to genuine guilt?)



3. Why is alarm and fear a much more healthy response to the resurrection than apathy?


4. In what way should the resurrection compel us to take Jesus at his word? Thinking through Mark’s gospel, are there areas of our lives we need to submit to Jesus?



5. What do Christians have that non-Christians don’t? (Think in terms of the brokenness of life, the fear of death, the reality of judgement, the desire to worship). How should this fuel our evangelism?

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