Joining the crew - Acts 2:37-41

This is a sermon by Liam Hayward from 11th October 2020.

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Joining the crew - Acts 2:37-41


It’s critical we both react and respond to the gospel in the right way.

A Right Reaction (v37)

A right reaction to the gospel involves:

  • Conviction of sin
  • Humility

A Right Response (v38)

A right response to the gospel includes:

  • Repentance
    • is not just a feeling
    • is not just being sorry
    • is not just changed behaviour
    • is not just about what you do but who are are
  • Baptism (allegiance to Christ)

Questions for further reflection

  • What kind of reaction do you commonly look for after a gospel presentation? Why?
  • Over time has your reaction to the gospel changed? How does the gospel continue to convict you from your initial conversion?
  • “If we are a soft touch on sin, we are out of touch with reality.” What are the consequences of having a ‘soft touch’ on sin 1) in our lives, 2) in our evangelism? Where might you be treating sin with a soft touch?
  • “When we come to God’s word, we haven’t walked onto a battlefield but an operating table.” What difference does this make in how you approach God’s word, is this your experience?
  • Were there any elements of repentance or baptism raised which were a surprise to you, or that you hadn’t thought of before?
  • What are some of the ‘signs’ that indicate you are a Christian to others? Why does God want us to respond with marked allegiance rather than private acknowledgement?


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