Live knowing there is a judge - Daniel 5

This is a sermon by Melvin Tinker from 15th November 2020.

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Home Group Questions Daniel 5


1) In verses 1-4 Belshazzar is ignoring the dangerous reality of King Darius about to pounce on Babylon. How do we see this sort of attitude at work in our society?  


2) Looking at verses 4-6 and 25-28, why is it such a serious thing to give God’s praise to idols instead?   



3) Verses 25-28 are very sobering verses. How do people in our culture weigh up their own lives? What confidence can anyone have knowing that our lives will be weighed by God?   



4) The gospel is our only and sufficient hope. How do verses 17 and 22 challenge Christians today when we are quiet and timid with the gospel?   


5) “I do not think in the last 40 years I have lived one conscious hour that has not been influenced by our Lord’s return.” What would that sort of attitude look like in the members of Christ Church Riverside? How can we be stirred to live that way more and more?

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