A Saviour who suffers - Matthew 27:27-61

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from 28th March 2021.

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Passion 4 Matthew 27v27-61 “A Saviour who Suffers” Handout

Intro:        A diluted Jesus?  


          1) The hated saviour (v27-44)


  • Hated by the Roman soldiers


  • Hated by the passers-by


  • Hated by the religious leaders


  • Hated by the rebels


Why did so many hate him?

The only satisfactory answer is that this is what the saviour provokes in the people he came to save.


          2) The forsaken saviour (v45-50)


  • Darkness shows God’s judgment

Exodus 11 and the plague of darkness

  • Darkness shows God’s forsaking of his son

Jesus was forsaken so that you and I could be forgiven and saved.


Sin leads to death and Jesus died.



          3) The life-giving saviour (v51-61)

Immediately Jesus dies, life begins to break out;


  • The curtain is torn v51


  • The tombs break open v52+53


  • The centurion is changed v54.


  • The women v 55+56.


  • Joseph of Arimathea v57-61




Life, life, life wherever you look in the shadow of the cross, beneath the blood of the suffering saviour.




Passion 4 Matthew 27v27-61 “A Saviour who Suffers” Questions for Reflection


1) Why should a ‘weak’ response to Jesus concern us? What should we do when we see it in our own lives?


2) Go through verses 27-44 and the different people showing hatred for Jesus. Why do you think each of these people hated him? (What does this show us about the impact sin has had upon us?)


3)Read verses 45-50. How does what is going on here parallel Exodus 10-12? Why did the Father need to ‘forsake’ his son?


4) What does the price of your forgiveness say about how much you personally are loved by God? Does this need to change how you are thinking or living right now?


5) Read verses 51-61 and list the life that is visible in these verses. From every group that hated Jesus, Jesus offered new life – how should this encourage us in our witness and evangelism? How can we as a church be more effective in evangelism?

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