Boredom - Proverbs 24:30-34

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from 19th December 2021.

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Overcoming Boredom Proverbs 24:30–34; 26:13–16; and 6:6–11


Introduction: I’m not where I want to be



The Problem of Boredom



Boredom Personified

– Outside the Sluggard’s House (Proverbs 24:30-34)



– Inside the Sluggard’s House (Proverbs 6:6-11; 26:13-16; 1Pet. 5:9; James 4:7)



Overcoming Boredom

– Delighting in the Lord (Phil. 3:12)


– Spending Time with the Lord


– Getting to Know the Lord Better (Jn 15:9-11; James 1:17)


Questions: How do you feel about where your life is at? In what ways do you see boredom being a problem in your life? What do you find boring? Can you identify why your ‘vineyard’ might be in a mess – what are your priorities? How are you facing the trials and temptations of life? What excuses can you identify that might be preventing you from overcoming lack of motivation in the godly life? What is your spiritual ‘calorific intake’ looking like these days, how is your ‘communion’ with the Lord? What do you think when you hear that it’s good to delight in the Lord? How might you endeavour to get to ‘know’ God better? What will you do to delight in God more?

Recommended Reading: Tim Chester, Enjoying God (Epsom: The Good Book Company, 2019)

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