Come to Jesus - Mark 2:1-17

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from 31st May 2020.

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Questions for Homegroups from Sermon Mark 2 v 1-17

1) Is meeting with Jesus given the place of most importance in your life? How could you adjust the pattern of your life so that it is?

 2) How does the world around us primarily define faith? Why is it a serious mistake for Christians to mix up faith with feelings?

 3) How did Jesus’ healing of the paralytic demonstrate his authority to forgive sins? Has Jesus forgiven your sins? How should Christians deal with sin present in their lives?

 4) How visible is your faith in Jesus? How does it make your life different to the many who don’t think they need Jesus?

 5) What does faith look like for a person under severe trials in an area of their life? What would taking up the shield of faith look like in your struggles? 

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