Love and betrayal - Mark 14:1-26

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from 20th September 2020.

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Home Group Questions on Mark 14 v 1-26


1)Why were the Pharisees so hostile to Jesus? What areas of our lives would we rather Jesus just left alone?


2) Why were the disciples and those around so offended by the woman’s actions? Is there a gap between how much you love Jesus and how much you want to love him?


3) What caused Judas to betray Jesus? What parts of our lives are too costly for us to submit to King Jesus?


4) How much does God love his people? Why do we find this so difficult to accept?


5) What would it look like for CC Riverside to burn with the woman’s love for Jesus?

- What would our Home groups look like?

- What would our phone bills look like?

- What would our diaries look like?

- What would our bank statements look like?

- What would our conversations sound like?

- What else should I have asked here?

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