Fuel intake - Acts 2:1-13

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from 27th September 2020.

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Fuel Intake Acts 2:1-13 Home Group Questions

  • As you read Acts 2:1-4 ask the questions WHO, WHERE, WHEN and WHAT – How do these answers inform us as Christ Church Newland and as individuals?
  • How does it encourage us that we are being led by the Spirit, rather than ruled by a list of laws?
  • What does it mean for us to ‘declare the Wonders of God’ (the Gospel)? How will you engage in the Mission to take the Gospel of Jesus to ‘the ends of the earth’?
  • We saw that the miracle of ‘Speaking in Tongues’ was a reversing of Babel and a removing of barriers. What barriers do we need to remove in our own gospel witness?
  • What things prevent you from being an effective communicator of the gospel? How does this passage teach us to overcome our reticence?
  • How would you deal with either of the two reactions that the crowd demonstrated when they heard the wonders of God in their own language?
  • Where are your ‘crowds’ – what is your plan for them to hear the Gospel?
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