Great views - Acts 3:1-26

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from 25th October 2020.

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Acts 3:1-26 – Great Views



            The Earth from space and on the ground


1. Ugliness turned attractive at the gate beautiful (3:1-10)


Began to walk


Began to worship


Began to wonder


2. Ugliness turned attractive at the cross of Christ (3:11-16)


You did….


God did….


3. Ignorance should turn to repentance at this knowledge (3:17-26)









Questions: 1) If you were giving the task of presenting a paper that argued that the world was a mixture of both beauty and brokenness: How would you establish that? What evidence would you provide for both? 2a) In what ways do people try to fix the brokenness? Why do they fail? Why are they insufficient? 2b) How can we exploit this in our presentation of the Gospel message? 3) What do you make of the statement: ‘people are at their most beautiful when they are worshipping Jesus’? 4a) How can the crucifixion be described as manifesting both ugliness and beauty at the same time? 4b) What part does the cross play in God’s plan to restore all things? 5a) How should we utilise the language of ‘turn’ and ‘return’ in our evangelism? 6) What comfort should we receive in knowing that Jesus has come to ‘restore all things’? 



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