Sticking to the mission - Acts 4:1-31

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from 1st November 2020.

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Sticking to the Mission Acts 4:1-31


Introduction: Football without a Ball


Mission Under Threat (Acts 4:1-7)


Threat 1: Preachers Imprisoned


Threat 2: Political-Religious


Threat 3: Powerful Enemies



Will the Mission be Aborted? (Acts 4:8-12)


1. Peter Identifies the Charge


2. Peter Reverses the Charge


3. Peter Supports the Charge with Scripture


4. Peter Asserts the Implications of the Charge


The Mission Stays on Course (Acts 4:13-22)


Exhibit 1: The Witnesses


Exhibit 2: The Testimony


Exhibit 3: Association with Jesus


Exhibit 4: The Miracle


The Verdict


The Sentence


The Appeal


The Response from Ground Control (Acts 4:23-31)


Prayer that’s Corporate


Prayer with a right view of God


Prayer Priorities the Purpose of God


Prayer with a Remarkable response



1) The sermon identified three Threats to the mission – ‘Preachers Imprisoned’, ‘Political/religious’, and ‘Powerful Enemies’. How are these threats interfering with your evangelism? Are you affected by other threats?

2) How might you turn the ‘Defendant’s Dock’ into the ‘Preacher’s Pulpit’ this week? What did you learn from Peter’s action that inspires you?

3) How are you driving home the ‘Implications’ of the Gospel to those you declare it to?

4) What ‘overwhelming evidence’ do you present as you speak the good news?

5) What do you think of Peter’s appeal – ‘Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to Him?...’ (Acts 4:19-20) How is this working out in your place of employment, among you friends and family etc.?

6) What encourages you or challenges you about the way the church came together in prayer at the end of the chapter. Which of the five points do you wish to develop in your Christian life?


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