Live trustingly - Daniel 2

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from 25th October 2020.

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Daniel 2 “Live Trustingly”


Intro: Calling a bluff



  • Trust in humanity is short-term foolishness (v1-12 and 31-45)



  • People shown up to have nothing lasting (v1-12)





  • Kingdoms are shown up to have nothing lasting (v31-45)





All that anyone has, God has given them.






2. Trust in God is long-term wisdom (v13-30&46-49)


Trusting God as a stranger in Babylon means PRAYER (v17-19).




Trusting God as a stranger in Babylon means PRAISE (v20-23).





Trusting God as a stranger in Babylon means PROCLAMATION (v24-49).


  • Verse 27&28: “The God in heaven”


  • Verse 37:  “The God of heaven”


  • Verse 44: “The God of heaven”





Jesus Christ, the rock that stooped, the rock that conquered


Daniel 2 “Live Trustingly” Home Group Questions


1) Why do you think many Christians find it difficult to live boldly for God in this culture? (Who do you find it most difficult to engage with the good news of Jesus?)


2) Verse 37 shows us this important truth; ‘All that anyone has, God has given to them.’ How should this impact our approach to those we are most intimidated by?


3) In verses 17-23, Daniel and his friends pray and then they praise. Looking more closely at verses 20-23, what truths about God should provoke prayer and praise in our lives? How do they help you in your current trials?


4) How can we best proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as good news in the current pandemic? What responses might we get to speaking of God having the power, wisdom and light that people need?  


5) Read verses 36-44 again. How will the eternal security we are given by King Jesus help you to live trustingly this week?   

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