The Most High God Opens Doors And Open Hearts - Acts 16:11-40

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from 21st March 2021.

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Acts 16:11-40 – The Most High God Opens Doors And Open Hearts


            Takeshi’s Castle – Knock, Knock


An Open Heart and an Open Home (16:11-15)

              Looking for the ‘natural places’


              Trusting the rest to the Lord


An Open Mouth and a Closed Purse (16:16-24)

              Locked up behind a closed door



An Open Door and an Open Home (16:25-34)

Singing at midnight


Questioning at midnight


Welcoming at midnight


An Open Door and an Open Heart (16:35-40)

            Staying put beside an open door    






1) Where are the ‘natural places’ for you when it comes to finding opportunities to share the good news?

2) When thinking about evangelism through the lens of God’s sovereignty, how does that shape the way you think about ‘risk’, ‘rejection’ and ‘regret’?

3) What has been your experience of encountering hearts that are ‘closed off’ to the Gospel?

4) What did you learn from Paul and Silas’ rejoicing in prison? How did that speak to you?

5) Why can we say that ‘believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved’ is a good summary of the Gospel? How would you unpack that statement?

6) How are the categories of ‘believing’ and ‘belonging’ explored in this passage? What does that teach us?

7) In what ways are Paul and Silas’ heart for the church revealed in this passage? What do we learn from this?

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