The Voice - Mark 1:1-15

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from 9th January 2022.

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Mark 1:1-15 – The Voice


            Biographies and Autobiographies



The voice of the Old Testament (1:1-3)


            “The beginning of the gospel”



            “As it is written in Isaiah…”


            The Name: Jesus


            The Title: Messiah


            The Nature: Son of God


The voice in the wilderness (1:4-8)

            John’s Picture


            John’s Preparations


            John’s Position

                        His worth and his work


The voice from heaven (1:9-13)

            Baptised in our place


            Tempted in our place


            The dove descends and the heavens are torn



The voice of Jesus (1:14-15)


            The King of the Kingdom


            The call of the Kingdom




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